Sentence Examples with the word rebuild

Assess what damage you can and rebuild the critical infrastructure systems.

He dissuaded the Romans, disheartened by the devastation wrought by the Gauls, from migrating to Veii, and induced them to rebuild the city.

It was at Ferrar's suggestion that he undertook to rebuild the church at Layton, an undertaking carried through by his own gifts and the generosity of his friends.

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We have no information regarding Jerusalem during the period of the captivity, but fortunately Nehemiah, who was permitted to return and rebuild the defences about 445 B.C., has given a fairly clear description of the line of the wall which enables us to obtain a good idea of the extent of the city at this period.

Not till the 13th of February were the miserable remnants of the population permitted to rebuild their houses and cultivate their fields once more.

They therefore spoiled the religious houses and robbed the monastery coffers in order to have means wherewith to rebuild it.

Meanwhile the Committee of Public Safety, inspired by Danton, strove to rebuild the French administrative system.

Is placed in the middle of the building of the walls in fifty-two days; the other reforms during the second visit are closely connected with the dedication of the walls and with the events which immediately follow his first arrival when he had come to rebuild the city.

Had the tsar been satisfied with this important success, which enabled him to rebuild Sevastopol and construct a Black Sea fleet, his reign might have been a peaceful and prosperous one, but he tried to recover the remainder of what - had been lost by the Crimean War, the province of Turkish Bessarabia and predominant influence in Turkey.

The act shocked the religious conscience of western Asia; the subsequent murder of Sennacherib was held to be an expiation of it, and his successor Esarhaddon hastened to rebuild the old city, to receive there his crown, and make it his residence during part of the year.