Sentence Examples with the word rebel

Orange however did not despair, and resolved to throw in his lot for good and all with the rebel province of the north.

His eldest son, Hamza Mirza, upheld his fortunes to the utmost of his power, reduced the rebel chieftains, and forced the Turks to make peace and retire; but he was stabbed to death by an assassin.

In the following year the old king found it needful to hand over the command of his armies to the Tartan (commander-in-chief), and six years later Nineveh and other cities revolted against him under his rebel son Assur-danin-pal.

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Repressed the rising, and showed great skill with the rebel nobles, finally buying them over individually by considerable concessions.

In 1104 Paschal succeeded in instigating the emperor's second son to rebel against his father, but soon found Henry V.

The British consul, Walter C. Plowden, who was strongly attached to Theodore, having been ordered by his government Theodore's in 1860 to return to Massawa, was attacked on his quarrel way by a rebel named Garred, mortally wounded, with Great and taken prisoner.

This interval sufficed for the old rebel leader Fa'iq, supported by a strong Tatar army under the Ilek Khan Abu'l I;Iosain Nasr I., to turn Nub's successor Mansur II.

The former rebel of the Romagna, the Liberal Carbonaro, was henceforth to be the tool of the priests.

In 1527 he had been declared a rebel by the Signoria on account of his well-known Medicean prejudices; and in 1530, deputed by Clement to punish the citizens after their revolt, he revenged himself with a cruelty and an avarice that were long and bitterly remembered.

She'd admired him as the Guardian, but she'd fallen in love with the rebel leader.