Sentence Examples with the word rebekah

His Scholia to ' The stories, including the delightful history of the courting of Rebekah by proxy, are due to the oldest narrators.

The patriarch, during his sojourn there, alleged that his wife Rebekah was his sister, but the king doubting this remonstrated with him and pointed out how easily adultery might have been unintentionally committed (Gen.

A large mantle could thus serve as a veil, and Rebekah covered her face with her square or oblong wrapper on meeting Isaac (Gen.

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The cave of Machpelah became the grave of Isaac, Rebekah and Leah (but not Rachel); and though Jacob ' In 2 Sam.

Bethuel the father of Rebekah is the brother of the tribal names Uz and Buz (xxii.

The narrative continues with Jacob's journey to Bethel, the death of Deborah (who accompanied Rebekah to Palestine 140 years previously, see xxiv.