Sentence Examples with the word reasoned

He thought about the redhead, but felt too ashamed to mention her, and reasoned it was not pertinent to the situation.

The former are reasoned with and exhorted to believe; the latter are contemptuously silenced by an exhibition of the futility of their religion.

The savage's notion of personality is more a universally diffused feeling than a reasoned conception, and this feeling of a personal self he impartially distributes all over the world as known to him.

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It has been understood as if Reid had merely appealed from the reasoned conclusions of philosophers to the unreasoned beliefs of common life.

This doctrine is obviously hostile to all reasoned morality; and in fact, notwithstanding the dialectical ability of Scotus and Occam, the work of Thomas remained indubitably the crowning result of the great constructive effort of medieval philosophy.

If a man lived economically, it was reasoned he was saving money and could afford a present for the king.

He reasoned that perhaps the chromosomes were carrying the genetic traits of the creature.

Finally, biblical history is an intentional and reasoned arrangement of material, based upon composite sources, for religious and didactic purposes.

But what Barnabas did see with full reasoned conviction, he was staunch in upholding; thus he upheld the general cause of Gentile freedom from the obligation of circumcision (as distinct from perfect religious equality with Jewish believers) at the Jerusalem conference (Acts xv.).

These numbers have been taken as a basis for calculation of population, and one statistician reasoned that if 50,000 were buried in one churchyard 100,000 should represent the whole mortality of London.