Sentence Examples with the word rear end

The automatic sight consists of a bent lever roller cam m, also secured by the bolt e to the carrier; the lower end of the lever carries the cam roller n, which is constrained to move in the cam p by means of the spring in the spring-box g; the rear end of the horizontal arm of the lever is formed into jaws v; the same action of the clutch t which releases the worm and hand-wheel forces a catch on a vertical stem u into the jaws of the lever, and fixes the rocking and sight bars rigidly to it.

In this sight both hind and fore sights are fixed on a rigid bar pivoted about the centre; the rear end is raised or depressed by a rack worked by a hand-wheel; ranges are read from the periphery of a drum; the fore-sight and leaf of the hind-sight are provided with small electric glow lamps for night firing.

Once again the rear end was on solid ground.

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Xander's comments about her rear end did nothing to help, though she gave him credit for trying.

The rear end of the car danced sideways, bouncing like a horse kicking up its heels.

The loaded train is coupled to the main rope, and to the rear end is attached the tail-rope; which reaches to the end of the line, passing there around a large grooved sheave and thence back to the engine.