Sentence Examples with the word realized

Strabo and Velleius, moreover, classify them as Germani, and this is perhaps the more probable view, although apparently the distinction between Celt and Teuton was not clearly realized by some of the earlier historians.

Pierre glanced at the serious faces of those around, remembered all he had already gone through, and realized that he could not stop halfway.

They realized if the text were based on substitution, the more frequently used characters were most likely replacements for more frequently used letters, such as vowels.

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He realized from the first that he would not get up again, despite the doctor's encouragement.

Alex picked the coffeepot back up again and she realized he had intended to push her chair in for her.

The Occident does not yet appear to have full realized the existence of such talent in Japan; partly perhaps because its displays in former times were limited chiefly to swordfurniture, possessing little interest for the average European or American; and partly because the Japanese have not yet learned to adapt their skill to foreign requirements.

He took a dozen bounds, not very quickly, letting the borzois gain on him, and, finally having chosen his direction and realized his danger, laid back his ears and rushed off headlong.

It is true that Hegel regards the conscious effort to realize one's own conception of good as a higher stage of moral development than the mere conformity to the jural rules establishing property, maintaining contract and allotting punishment to crime, in which the universal will is first expressed; since in such conformity this will is only accomplished accidentally by the outward concurrence of individual wills, and is not essentially realized in any of them.

She almost objected then realized it was futile.

He went to bed from habit, but soon realized that he could not sleep.