Sentence Examples with the word reactive

That he'd grown a little more thoughtful and a little less reactive in how he handled adversity impressed Gabe.

In view of all the facts it must be admitted that the agglutinins and immune bodies are the result of corresponding reactive processes, and are probably related to one another.

Dihydroxy-ammonia or nitroxyl, NH(OH) 2, a very unstable and highly reactive substance, has been especially studied by A.

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Group is very reactive and behaves in a similar manner to the grouping CO CH 2 CO in open chain compounds, e.g.

The hydroxyl group is more reactive than in the phenols, the naphthols being converted into naphthylamines by the action of ammonia, and forming ethers and esters much more readily.

In the development of the United States the influence of Hamiltonian nationalism and Jeffersonian democracy has been a reactive union; but changed conditions since Hamilton's time, and particularly since the Civil War, are likely to create misconceptions as to Hamilton's position in his own day.