Sentence Examples with the word reaction

This cautious compromise sanctioned by the Church does not represent the extremest reaction against nominalism.

This latter reaction will detect one part of copper in 500,000 of water.

It is also obtained in the action of potassium cyanide on gold in the presence of air, a reaction utilized in the MacArthur-Forrest process of gold extraction (see below).

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She gave a nervous wave, watching for his reaction and relieved when he offered a warm smile.

During the Thermidorian reaction he was one of the first to be accused of complicity with the fallen leader, but was acquitted.

But the calamitous situation of England at the moment of his death, on the 19th of October 1216, was in the main his work; and while he lived a national reaction in favour of the dynasty was out of the question.

The conversion of the glycerides (triglycerides) into fatty acids and glycerin must be looked upon as a reaction which takes place in stages, one molecule of a triglyceride being converted first into diglyceride and one molecule of fatty acid, the diglyceride then being changed into monoglyceride, and a second molecule of fatty acid, and finally the monoglyceride being converted into one molecule of fatty acid and glycerin.

But even in this period of headlong reaction his influence was felt and feared.

Both would be seen to have a common startingpoint in the reaction against long dominant ideas which were becoming obsolete, and also in the excitation of faculties which had during the same period been accumulating energy.

It gives a characteristic red-brown reaction with iodine solution.