Sentence Examples with the word react

The Skraup reaction is a perfectly general one for primary amino-compounds; the halogen-, nitroand oxy-anilines (aminophenols) react similarly, as do also the toluidines, naphthylamines, aminoanthracene, metaand para-phenylene diamines, and orthoand 7-aminoquinoline.

Substitution of the Benzene Ring.-As a general rule, homologues and mono-derivatives of benzene react more readily with substituting agents than the parent hydrocarbon; for example, phenol is converted into tribromphenol by the action of bromine water, and into the nitrophenols by dilute nitric acid; similar activity characterizes aniline.

Again, anode reactions, such as are observed in the electrolysis of the fatty acids, may be utilized, as, for example, when the radical CH3C02 - deposited at the anode in the electrolysis of acetic acid - is dissociated, two of the groups react to give one molecule of ethane, C 2 H 6, and two of carbon dioxide.

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After he destroyed all her drugs, she'd suspected he'd react this way and had hidden another bottle in her bedroom.

They react with the zinc alkyls to form addition products, which are decomposed by water with formation of secondary alcohols (K.

Ammonia does not react with tungsten or the dioxide, but with trioxide at a red heat a substance of the formula W 5 H 6 N 3 0 5 is obtained, which is insoluble in acids and alkalis and on ignition decomposes, evolving nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia.

They react with hydroxylamine and phenylhydrazine, with the formation of aldoximes and hydrazones.

Yet as regards the Peninsula, the literatures of Portugal and Castile act and react on one another and if the latter gave much, she also received much, for nearly every Portuguese author of renown from 1450 until the 18th century, except Antonio Ferreira, wrote in Spanish, and some, like Jorge de Montemor and Manoel de Mello, produced masterpieces in that language and are numbered .as Spanish classics.

The inability to know how he should react puzzled him.

In the generation of acetylene from calcium carbide and water, all that has to be done is to bring these two compounds into contact, when they mutually react upon each other with the formation of lime and acetylene, while, if there be sufficient water present, the lime combines with it to form calcium hydrate.