Sentence Examples with the word ravine

In the sandstone of Dura Den, a ravine on Ceres Burn, 2z M.

Other points of interest are Malham Cove and tarn, the ravine of Gordale Scar, the cliffs of Attermyre, Giggleswick Scar and Castleberg (the last immediately above Settle itself), the Clapham and Weathercote caves, the chasm of Helln Pot and the waterfall of Stainforth Foss.

Between the Douro and Tagus the Vouga rises in the Serra da Lapa and reaches the sea through the lagoon of Aveiro; the Mondego flows north-east through a long ravine in the Serra da Estrella, and then bends back so as to flow west-south-west.

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Denisov, Petya, and the esaul, accompanied by some Cossacks and the hussar who had the prisoner, rode to the left across a ravine to the edge of the forest.

It was with the expectation that he might, with local aid, seize the castle, that Llewellyn invaded this district in December 1282, when he was surprised and killed by Stephen de Frankton in a ravine called Cwm Llewellyn on the left bank of the Irfon, 22 m.

Another shorter valley began near the present Jaffa gate and, taking an easterly direction, joined the Tyropoeon; while a third ravine passed across what is now the northern part of the Haram enclosure and fell into the valley of the Kidron.

The plateau-like summit, which originally could be reached only from the south by a steep and narrow path, was rendered almost impregnable to Indian attack by a sheer cliff on the river side of the hill, a deep ravine along its eastern base and steep declivities on the other sides.

The soft sand in the ravine would make it simple for the Indians to detect where they had emerged.

From the burn of Dollar (or Dolour), which runs through the ravine of Dollar Glen, the town draws its watersupply.

It next plunges through the deep ravine of Finstermiinz, and, continuing in the main a north-easterly direction, receives at Landeck the Rosanna.