Sentence Examples with the word rattled

Meanwhile, the wind whistled around the eaves and rattled the plastic covering on the windows, persistently seeking a port of entry.

Being so close rattled her senses, and she thought again of the kiss they had shared over a month before.

Thunder rattled the windowpane and hail pounded on the roof.

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The shot rattled against the stone of the gate and upon the wooden beams and screens, and two wavering clouds of smoke rose over the Square.

She, too, was rattled by the events of the night.

Rissa started toward the bathing chamber once again, rattled and exhausted.

Fellow-travellers as they rattled by compared it aloud with the fields which they had passed, so that I came to know how I stood in the agricultural world.

Crash after crash echoed far above their heads, as the earth came together where it had split, and stones and chunks of clay rattled around them on every side.

His nearness rattled her senses in a way that reminded her of how she felt around Gabriel.

Someone stopped at the gate, and the latch rattled as someone tried to open it.