Sentence Examples with the word rationally

Vegetable physiology he pursued with special reference to agriculture, which he held to be the foundation of all trade and industry, but which could not be rationally practised without the guidance of chemical principles.

This economy cannot be rationally defended or even apologized for.

He holds that we are rationally justified in affirming human immortality and the existence of a finite God who is to be a constitutional ruler, but not a despot, over the souls of men.

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Scepticism, to be complete, must hold that even within experience we do not rationally conclude but are irrationally induced to believe.

The reference seems to be not so much to the variety and complexity of phenomena as to the impossibility of construing them rationally or in such a way that man may foresee and provide for his future.

Of two or more binary forms there are also complete systems containing a finite number of forms. There are also algebraic systems, as above mentioned, involving fewer covariants which are such that all other covariants are rationally expressible in terms of them; but these smaller systems do not possess the same mathematical interest as those first mentioned.

Every covariant is rationally expressible by means of the forms f, u 2, u3,...

But Aquinas, though he holds the fact of creation to be rationally demonstrable, regards the beginning of the world in time as only an article of faith, the philosophical arguments for and against being inconclusive.

Plato, we saw, held that there is one supreme science or wisdom, of which the ultimate object is absolute good; in the knowledge of this, the knowledge of all particular goods - that is, of all that we rationally desire to know - is implicitly contained; and also all practical virtue, as no one who truly knows what is good can fail to realize it.

When Eurooeal gardeners were employed in Persia, that they were rationally cultivated.