Sentence Examples with the word rationalize

This was the long task essayed by Scholasticism; and, though the great Schoolmen of the 13th century refrained from attempting to rationalize such doctrines as the Trinity and the Incarnation, they were far from considering Theory of them as essentially opposed to reason.

If he never had any sympathy with Herbert's intuitionalist principles in philosophy, he was no less eager, as he afterwards showed, than Herbert to rationalize in matters of religious doctrine, so that he may be called the second of the English deists, as Herbert has been called the first.

But I hope I'd have the gumption not to rationalize my actions by pretending I believed what I did was right.

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Their criticism amounts to nothing more than a crude attempt to rationalize the current legends and traditions connected with the founding of cities, the genealogies of ruling families, and the manners and customs of individual peoples.

But the way in which he founded the leading Christian doctrines (after confessing his inability to rationalize them) on the arbitrary will of God was undoubtedly calculated to help in the work of disintegration.

Deidre tried to sort through her emotions and rationalize them.

This will help you rationalize and accept your place here, I believe.

Euhemerus of Messenia tried of old to rationalize the Greek myths by supposing that the Olympian gods were deified men.

As every attempt to rationalize nature implies a certain process of criticism and interpretation to which the data of sense are subjected, and in which they are, as it were, transcended, the antithesis of reason and sense is formulated early in the history of speculation.

To rationalize this or any of the series misses the whole point of the religious history.