Sentence Examples with the word ration

Army Crown Prince Morava I., Drina I., Alexander Danube I., Danube (126,000 ration II., Timok II., Cay.

Yankovich Shumaja I., Morava II., (67,000 ration Drina II., Morava Bri strength) gade, Army troops.

He even laced the invitation with a ration of all-is-forgiven bullshit.

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When the frame of this arrangement is rapidly displaced through a small horizontal range to the right and left of the direction in which the rod points, the weight b by its inertia tends to remain at rest, and the motion of the frame, which is that of the earth, is magnified in the ration op to bp. This apparatus, of which there are many types, was first introduced into seismometry by Professor Ewing.

Only one day's ration of bread remains.

The appointment was not only one of the most important in this quarter of the kingdom, but lucrative as well, part of the fines and forfeits falling to the warden, who was also entitled to ration and forage for his retinue.

The Emperor's gratitude was announced to the vanguard, rewards were promised, and the men received a double ration of vodka.

At the completion of mobilization the ration strength of the field forces alone, exclusive of III.

Experimental work has shown that swine fattened with a ration partly of skim-milk were lustier and of a more healthy appearance than swine fattened wholly on grains.

There was no additional supply nor could we ration it as there was no way to reignite it.