Sentence Examples with the word ratchet

The brushes are carried by sleeves which run loosely on the shaft, and to each sleeve is rigidly fixed a ratchet wheel.

The ratchet communicates with a train of wheels which work the dial-hands.

Next the ratchet wheel is a disk which is keyed on to the shaft.

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The drum-shaft is connected by a friction clutch with a shaft in the same line, on which are keyed a sprocket wheel and a ratchet wheel.

When the load to be weighed comes upon the platform, the end of the steelyard rises and unlocks the ratchet wheel through the pawl; the sprocket gearing is driven by the friction clutch, and drives the axle of the left-hand small pulley.

The ratchet wheel and the disk are automatically connected by clutch mechanism in order to effect the rotation of the brushes.

He wanted her to fight him, to ratchet up the levels of agony.

The type-wheel is carried round continuously by the mechanism to which it is attached by a friction disk and ratchet drive.

When the poise is at the zero end, and there is no load on the platform, the end of the steelyard is down, and has locked the ratchet wheel by means of the pawl; the shaft being thus locked, the sprocket wheels are stopped, the drum-shaft runs free by the friction clutch, and the two pulleys which are connected by the crossed band are running idle.

The mitre wheels come into operation and the poise is carried along till the end of the steelyard drops, and locks the ratchet by permission of the Controller of wheel.