Sentence Examples with the word rarity

Besides the two royal seals of Anglo-Saxon kings noticed above there are extant a few other seals, and there is documentary evidence of yet others, which were Anglo- used in England before the Norman Conquest; but Saxon the rarity of such examples is an indication that the private employment of seals could not have been very seals.

The basal plane, so common on calcite and many other rhombohedral minerals, is of the greatest rarity in quartz, and when present only appears as a small rough face formed by the corrosion of the crystal.

Crystals are found as a rarity in the amygdaloidal cavities of igneous rocks.

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From the obvious rarity of true abysmal rocks in the continental area Sir John Murray deduces the permanence of the oceans, which he holds have always remained upon those portions of the earth's crust which they occupy now, and both J.

In the choral numbers of the five masses, and in the oratorios Die Heilige Elisabeth and Christus, the rarity of fugal polyphony acts as a drawback.

Of game-birds, the floriken (Sypheotis aurita) is valued as much for its rarity as for the delicacy of its flesh.

The rarity of really continuous series has naturally led palaeontologists to support the hypothesis Of brusque transitions of structure.

Teenth Edition of the celebrated Systema Naturae, which obtained so wide a circulation that, in the comparative rarity of the original, the additions of this editor have been very frequently quoted, even by expert naturalists, as though they were the work of the author himself.

The lack of printed books in the first period of the Revival, and the comparative rarity of Greek erudition among students, combined with the intense enthusiasm aroused for the new gospel of the classics, gave special value to the personal teaching of these professors.

In Liguria, on account of the comparative rarity of large estates, agricultural laborers are in a better condition.