Sentence Examples with the word rapt

The affair ended by his escaping to Switzerland, where Sophie joined him; they then went to Holland, where he lived by hackwork for the booksellers; meanwhile Mirabeau had been condemned to death at Pontarlier for rapt et vol, and in May 1777 he was seized by the French police, and imprisoned by a lettre de cachet in the castle of Vincennes.

He stood beside her and they both watched mother natures' display in rapt silence.

It was at Pisa, in the church of Santa Cristina, on the fourth Sunday in Lent (April I), while rapt in ecstasy after the communion, that Catherine's greatest traditional glory befell her, viz.

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In the very earliest times of the most remote animism we find the belief that a person, rapt from all sense of the outside world, possessed by a spirit, acquired from that state a degree of sanctity, was supposed to have a degree of insight, denied to ordinary mortals.

The young Raphael, whose incomparable instinct for rhythmical design had been trained hitherto on subjects of holy quietude and rapt contemplation according to the traditions of Umbrian art, learnt from Leonardo's example to apply the same instinct to themes of violent action and strife.

I briefed Betsy who listed with rapt interest, especially as I expressed my strong belief that Annie's abductor might very well be our Delabama stalker.

When Westlake obligingly opened a map and pointed out various high country locations, he had the Dawkins' rapt attention.

He stopped the ATV again and they got off, both gazing in rapt silence.

He worked, it is said, at her portrait during some portion of four successive years, causing music to be played during the sittings that the rapt expression might not fade from off her countenance.

His eyes were glassy in rapt nostalgia.