Sentence Examples with the word rapport

He recommended the readmission of the survivors of the Girondin party to the Convention, and drew up a law limiting the right of insurrection; he had also a considerable share in the foreign policy of the victorious republic. With Cambaceres he had been commissioned in April 1794 to report on the civil and criminal legislation of France, with the result that after eighteen months' work he produced his Rapport et projet de code des delits et des peines (Io Vendemiaire, an.

Loisel, Rapport sur une mission scientifique dans les jardins et etablissements zoologiques publics et prives du RoyaumeUni, de la Belgique et des Pays-Bas, et des EtatsUnis et du Canada, et conclusions ge'nerales (Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1907, 1908; with many photographs and plans).

Courtois, Rapport fait au nom de la commission chargee de l'examen des papiers trouves chez Robespierre et ses cornplices (1795); D.

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He was very hostile to the king, furnished a Rapport sur les crimes imputes a Louis Ca pet (loth of December 1792), and voted for the death of Louis without appeal or respite.

Soc. Anthrop. Paris, 1881; Rapport sur une mission scientifique dans l'archipel canarien (Paris, 1887); Cinq annees de sejour aux Iles Canaries (Paris, 1891); H.

In 1798 he published L'Inde en rapport avec l'Europe (Hamburg, 2 vols.), which contained much invective against the English, and numerous misrepresentations.

He earnestly supported what he felt to be true freedom, especially in matters of religious worship, though the energetic appeal on behalf of church bells in his Rapport sur la liberte des cultes procured him the sobriquet of Jordan-Cloche.