Sentence Examples with the word rapidity

The healthy bone marrow reacts with remarkable rapidity to the demand for more blood cells which may be required by the organism; its reactions and variations in disease are very striking.

And finally, in the fourth place, except on the coast the disagreeableness of the heat of summer is greatly lessened by the dryness of the air and the consequent rapidity of evaporation.

The quantities of dead meat imported increased with great rapidity from 1891 to 1905, a circumstance largely due to the rise of the trade in chilled and frozen meat.

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From the sense of having full vigour, living or lively qualities or movements, the word, got its chief current meaning of possessing rapidity or speed of movement, mental or physical.

The graceful form of their body, the elegance and rapidity of their movements, and the exquisite beauty of their colours have been the admiration of all who have had the good fortune to watch them in their native haunts.

Discoveries followed upon it with astounding rapidity and in bewildering variety.

But he miscalculated both the endurance of Cadogan's men (amongst whom the Prussians were conspicuous for their tenacity) and the rapidity with which in Marlborough's and Eugene's hands the wearied troops of the Allies could be made to move.

Coming out onto the highroad the French fled with surprising energy and unheard-of rapidity toward the goal they had fixed on.

The most striking phenomenon in connexion with the beginnings of the mendicant orders is the rapidity with which the movement spread.

When the latter is lost during flight, the rapidity of their movement defies pursuit.