Sentence Examples with the word rape oil

In the East Indies rape oil and its equivalents, known under various names, are the most important of oils for native use.

These sophistications can be most conveniently detected, first by taste and next by saponification, rosin oil and mineral oil remaining unsaponified, hemp oil giving a greenish soap, while rape oil yields a soap with a yellow tinge.

The principal uses of rape oil are for lubrication and lighting; but since the introduction of mineral oils for both these purposes the importance of rape has considerably decreased.

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The offensive taste of rape oil may also be removed by treatment with a small proportion of sweet spirit of nitre (nitrous ether).

Newly pressed rape oil has a dark sherry colour with, at first, scarcely any perceptible smell; but after resting a short time the oil deposits an abundant mucilaginous slime, and by taking up oxygen it acquires a peculiar disagreeable odour and an acrid taste.