Sentence Examples with the word rape

The demotic stories of Khamois are simple, but the Rape of InarOs Cuirass (at Vienna) is told in a stiff and high-flown style.

To increase the number of doubles, ewes are sometimes put on good fresh grass, rape or mustard a week before the tups go out - a ram to sixty ewes is a usual proportion, though with care a stud ram can be got to settle twice the number.

Agriculture is highly developed; cereals, principally wheat and oats, and beetroot are the chief crops; potatoes, flax, hemp, rape and hops are also grown.

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Flax and hemp are cultivated, though not so much as formerly, for manufacture into linen and canvas, and also rape seed for the production of oil.

It is true that on the continent extracted meal, especially rape meal from good Indian seed and palm kernel meal, are somewhat largely used as focd for cattle in admixture with press cakes, but in England no extracted meal is used for feeding cattle, but finds its proper use in manuring the land.

The four chief varieties grown are mustard or rape seed, linseed, til or gingelly (sesamum), and castor-oil.

This rape is supposed to point to an original iepos X6 os, an annual holy marriage of a god and goddess of vegetation.

He served about a dozen years for rape in California and dropped out of sight after he was released.

She recalled her night with a jolt and sat, expecting men to leap from the shadows to rape her.

His early crimes were rape and that's what caused his arrest.