Sentence Examples with the word ranking

Two existing fishes may be mentioned as ranking in interest with the Myrmecobius (ant-eater) in the eyes of the naturalist.

From Derby, ranking among the largest and oldest in the kingdom.

The quarterly conference held four times a century with the highest ranking station commanders was coming up soon, and he had more pressing issues to resolve before it launched.

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As the lower ranking of the married couple, the name of Jenn's betrothed was added to her family's record, indicating he was likely the son of another servant.

Pop. (1895) 9 0, 97 8; (1900) 62,623, Leon ranking fourth in the latter year among the cities of Mexico.

I have no fucking clue what the rest of these symbolize, except that it's a ranking structure.

AUNDH, a native state of India, in the Deccan division of Bombay, ranking as one of the Satara Jagirs.

There is a greater difference in the North than in the South between the child illiteracy of the Caucasian and non-Caucasian elements; also a ranking of the different sections of the country according to the child illiteracy of one and the other race shows that the negroes of the South stand relatively as high as do its whites.

Fifty towers, decorated with quadruple faces of Brahma, are built at intervals upon the galleries, the whole temple ranking as perhaps the most remarkable of the Khmer remains.

Before the development of railways in the Gulf states, Apalachicola was one of the principal centres of trade in the southern states, ranking third among the Gulf ports in 1835.