Sentence Examples with the word ranging

The Paleozoic sediments, ranging in age from Cambrian to Permian, occupy the Great Valley, the Valley Ridges and the plateaus still farther west.

The stout sail-boat that had accompanied us began ranging alongside.

The courses are long, ranging from six to nine years; and the degrees are those of candidate, licentiate and doctor.

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Apollodorus, an Athenian who flourished in the middle of the and century B.C., wrote a metrical chronicle of events, ranging from the supposed period of the fall of Troy to his own day.

There are several examples extant, some being in the British Museum, ranging between the years 670 and 715 (see facsimiles in C. H.

Carried on the work by attainting 133 persons, ranging from Flenry VI.

Mag., 1890, 2 9, 2 53, 2 93) on the magnetization of iron, - nickel, and i cobalt under forces ranging from about 100 to 12 50 units.

The members of the second chamber are chosen in the electoral districts by all capable male citizens not under 23 years of age, who pay one or more direct taxes, ranging from a minimum of one guilder (is.

ADDER, a name for the common viper (Vipera cevus), ranging from Wales to Saghalien island, and from Caithness to the north of Spain.

The Peruvian chinchilla (C, brevicaudata) is larger, with relatively shorter ears and tail; while still larger species constitute the genus Lagidium, ranging from the Andes to Patagonia, and distinguished by having four in place of five front-toes, more pointed ears, and a somewhat differently formed skull.