Sentence Examples with the word range of mountains

The valley appeared as vast as the sky, both stretching until they met a second range of mountains in the distance.

There is a botanic garden; and the town, being almost encircled by a river - the Badullaeya - and overshadowed by the Naminacooly Kande range of mountains (highest peak 6680 ft.), is very picturesquely situated.

Range after range of mountains began with a mixture of sharp green that gradually faded until the last range was wrapped in the haze of distance.

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In the early records of the Pentateuch, the country is often referred to by the name of Seir, the general name for the whole range of mountains on the east side of the Jordan-Araba depression south of the Dead Sea.

HINDU KUSH, a range of mountains in Central Asia.

They used to suppose that an immense range of mountains crossed Asia from west to east on the parallel of the island of Rhodes, extending through Asia Minor, the Kurdish highlands, the N.

To the eastern Carpathians belongs also the range of mountains extending between the Laborcza and the Upper Theiss, called Vihorlat, which attains in the peak of the same name an altitude of 3495 ft.

The interior of Cutch is studded with hills of considerable elevation, and a range of mountains runs through it from east to west, many of them of the most fantastic shapes, with large isolated masses of rock scattered in all directions.

A p penninus - in both cases used in the singular), a range of mountains traversing the entire peninsula of Italy, and forming, as it were, the backbone of the country.