Sentence Examples with the word rancorous

The difficulty of arriving at a fair conclusion is increased by the fact that Procopius, who is our chief authority for the events of his reign, speaks with a very different voice in his secret memoirs (the Anecdota) from that which he has used in his published history, and that some of the accusations contained in the former work are so rancorous and improbable that a certain measure of discredit attaches to everything which it contains.

The nearer the neighbors, the more rancorous and internecine is the strife; and, as in all cases where animosity is deadly and no grave local causes of dispute are apparent, we are bound to conclude that some deeply-seated permanent uneasiness goaded these fast growing communities into rivalry.

But the latter, while feigning indifference, was thenceforth his rancorous and determined foe.

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He was speaker of the House from December 1876 to March 1881, during a period marked by rancorous debates concerning the disputed Hayes-Tilden presidential election.