Sentence Examples with the word ranch

I know people think I'm crazy, but I'd like to keep the ranch as near its natural state as possible.

The Deans packed a quick lunch and drove out of town to the ranch house.

If you figure out a way to do this all day and still make the ranch turn a profit, you could make a fortune teaching your method at seminars.

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The helo flew over Tim's ranch and mansion, perched on a lake.

One hundred fifty-six Maid Marian Lane was a neatly kept ranch to which a one-car garage had been added.

She managed to make two 1-day trips to the ranch and Brandon came down to watch her graduate.

I thought you decided you couldn't live with the loneliness on the ranch because I was gone so much.

At the end of January, Princess gave birth to the first foal on the ranch that wasn't sired by Ed.

We got to San Francisco a week ago, and Uncle Henry went right on to Hugson's Ranch for a visit while I stayed a few days in the city with some friends we had met.

Occasionally they ran across small herds of cattle and she began to realize how large his ranch actually was.