Sentence Examples with the word rana

Finally, in 1806, the territories of Dholpur, Bari and Rajakhera were handed over to the maharaj rana Kirat Singh, ancestor of the present chiefs of Dholpur, in exchange for his state of Gohad, which was ceded to Sindhia.

From snout to vent, long regarded as the giant of the genus, has been surpassed by the discovery of Rana guppyi (82 in.) in the Solomon Islands, and of Rana goliath (10 in.) in South Cameroon.

On the dismemberment of the Delhi empire, Gwalior was seized by the Jat rana of Gohad.

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There are various peculiar species of frogs, lizards and snakes, including the great frog Rana Guppyi, from 2 to 3 lb in weight.

A still more formidable enemy awaited him; the Rana Sanga of Mewar collected the enormous force of 210,000 men, with which he moved against the invaders.

In some species of Rana and Staurois inhabiting mountainous districts in south-eastern Asia, the larvae are adapted for life in torrents, being provided with a circular adhesive disk on the ventral surface behind the mouth, by means of which they are able to anchor themselves to stones.

The failure to obtain hybrids between certain species of Rana has been attributed principally to these differences.

Other forms are rao, rana and rawal, while chiefs of high rank are styled maharaja, maharao and maharana.

Frogs proper are typified by the common British species, Rana temporaria, and its allies, such as the edible frog, R.

The genus Rana may be defined as firmisternal Ecaudata with cylindrical transverse processes to the sacral vertebra, teeth in the upper jaw and on the vomer, a protrusible tongue which is free and forked behind, a horizontal pupil and more or less webbed toes.