Sentence Examples with the word rampant

There was an empty treasury, and the floating debt amounted to X7,000,000; maladministration was rampant in every department of the state; the national guard was mutinous, while the small army of regulars was badly organized and inefficient.

His enemies, however, succeeded in ousting him from this post, and caused him to be entrusted with the apparently impossible task of settling the revolt and brigandage rampant in Rumelia.

In 1883 foot-and-mouth disease was terribly rampant amongst the herds and flocks of Great Britain, and was far more prevalent than it has ever been since.

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The abuses of which he particularly complains are such as were found rampant by Ezra and Nehemiah - marriage with foreign women (ii.

Rumors continued to be rampant about his alleged culpability in Billy Langstrom's death.

The Great Schism of 1811 marks in fact the lowest point to which the fortunes of the once powerful and popular Church in Wales had sunk; - in 1811 there were only English-speaking prelates to be found, whilst the abuses of non-residence, pluralities and even nepotism were rampant everywhere.

Sphaerotheca Humuli is the well known hop-mildew, Sphaerotheca MorsUvae is the gooseberry mildefv, the recent advent of which has led to special legislation in Great Britain to prevent its spreading, as when rampant it makes the culture of gooseberries impossible.

This is the opposite of moral anarchy or rampant individualism.

Pluralism, nepotism, simony and all the other ancient abuses were more rampant than ever.

Dean knew the look and he put the brakes on Fred's euphoria before the rampant speculation could go any further.