Sentence Examples with the word railway line

Brescia is situated on the main railway line between Milan and Verona, and has branch railways to Iseo, Parma, Cremona and (via Rovato) to Bergamo, and steam tramways to Mantua, Soncino, Ponte Toscolano and Cardone Valtrompia.

Archangel communicates with the interior of Russia by river and canal, and has a railway line (522 m.) to Yaroslavl.

A railway line across North America was first completed in 1869, when the Union Pacific, building from the Missouri river at Omaha (1400 m.

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The town is hemmed in on the east by the railway line from Lyons to Marseilles, on the south by the Canal de Craponne.

Terni lies on the main railway line from Rome to Foligno and Ancona, and is the junction for Rieti and Sulmona.

Besides a railway line that joins the MontreuxBernese Oberland line at Chamby (5 m.

Appleton was one of the first cities in the United States to have an electric street railway line in operation; and electric street railways now traverse the entire Fox river valley as far as Fond du Lac on the south and Green Bay on the north.

It is connected by railway with Zaza del Medio, on the main railway line of the island, and with its port, Tunas de Zaza, 30 m.

A railway line connected with the South-Eastern and Chatham system runs to its head, and in July 1903 it was brought into use for the embarcation of passengers by transatlantic liners.

Of the town the Bied plunged into a deep chasm, on the steep rock face of which were formerly the subterranean mills of the Col des Roches, situated one above another; but the stream is now diverted by the above-mentioned tunnel, while another serves the railway line from Le Locle to Morteau in France (8 m.).