Sentence Examples with the word railroad

During the wild era of speculation which followed (especially in 1832 - upon the opening of the Chickasaw Cession to settlement) a large number of banks and railroad corporations with banking privileges were chartered.

The board of control is composed of the governor, attorney-general and the three railroad commissioners.

Such is the universal law, which no man can ever outwit, and with regard to the railroad even we may say it is as broad as it is long.

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The administrative officers of the state are a governor, a lieutenantgovernor, a secretary of state, a state treasurer, and an auditor of accounts, elected by popular vote, and an inspector of finance, a commissioner of taxes, a superintendent of education, a fish and game commissioner, three railroad commissioners, and various boards and commissions, of whom some are elected by the General Assembly and some are appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.

The railroad is close enough now that wagons can reach it from Ashley faster than we can cross the desert.

Among the various state administrative boards are the board of equalization of five members, the board of health of nine members, a board of control of state institutions with four members (bipartisan), and the railroad commission, the prison commission, the state election commission and the sinking fund commission of three members each.

To make a railroad round the world available to all mankind is equivalent to grading the whole surface of the planet.

Powell, Railroad Promotion and Capitalization in the United States (New York, 1909); L.

The first railroad in Cuba (and the first in Spanish lands) was opened from Havana to Gaines in 1837.

The system was put into practical operation in 1887 on the Lehigh Valley railroad in the United States, and worked well, but was abandoned because it apparently fulfilled no real public want.