Sentence Examples with the word rag

This pan's nanite coating means to clean it, you just wipe it with a nanite rag that doesn't stain.

Cynthia lowered the rag again.

Maria was already on the stairs, dust rag and mop in hand.

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She wiped her mouth again and flung the rag against the wall, chest heaving.

Cynthia dropped to the couch and held the cool rag to her face as a new wave of nausea clutched her stomach.

Cynthia clamped the rag to her face again.

The two leading ships had not seen each other for 70 days and met off the Lizard, from which point they ran a neck-and-neck race before a strong westerly wind, with every rag of canvas set.

Cynthia was as limp as a rag doll as he pulled down her skirt, which was heavy with water.

Carmen wiped Destiny's face and eyes with the cool rag and used a tissue to wipe her nose.

My specially soaked rag was secure in a plastic bag so I withdrew it and had it over the child's face before she turned to see who entered.