Sentence Examples with the word radish

Plants, many of which, such as wallflower, stock, mustard, cabbage, radish and others, are well-known garden or field-plants.

Towards the end; Early Seville and Early Longpod beans; and short-topped radish in two or three sowings, at a week's interval, all on a warm border; also Hardy Green and Brown cos lettuce in a frame or on south border.

Brilliant doctors try to understand what is happening, and drug companies commission studies to see if this particular chemical, frequently found in radish pesticides, known to be harmless to humans, might just cure skin cancer.

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The data shows pockets where radish efficacy is substantially higher and others where it is nonexistent.

Now you have this magnificent piece of knowledge: For people who have a certain genetic marker, this radish pesticide ingredient will cure skin cancer.