Sentence Examples with the word radiometer

Dewar led him to see the true dynamical explanation of the Crookes radiometer in the largeness of the free path of the molecule of the highly rarefied air.

Poynting has separated the two effects experimentally on the principle that the radiometer pressure acts along the normal, while the radiation pressure acts along the ray which may be directed obliquely.

On this ground Maxwell inferred that the forces acting in the radiometer are connected with gliding of the gas along the unequally heated boundaries; and as the laws of this slipping, as well as the constitution of the adjacent layer, are uncertain, the problem becomes very intricate.

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The name radiometer arose from an idea that the final steady speed of rotation might be utilized as a rough measure of the intensity of the exciting radiation.

He constructed an apparatus in illustration, which he called a radiometer or lightmill, by pivoting a vertical axle carrying equidistant vertical vanes inside an exhausted glass bulb, one side of each vane being blackened and the other side bright, the blackened sides all pointing the same way round the axle.