Sentence Examples with the word radio

He was resigned to quietly reading a book until Mrs. Porter the housekeeper showed up a day early, accommodating a family wedding, and Dean's peace began competing with the sounds of a vacuum cleaner and Mrs. Porter's radio music, even worse junk than Fred's usual selections.

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He used to dance with me and Mom when we were listening to the radio in the evenings.

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And so, with the radio on, she swept the floor and remembered the first time Alex had held her in his arms as they danced in the barn.

I don't have a radio or a TV, and I have no trouble believing he is a private type of person.

The radio was playing a waltz as she walked through the family room and she moved to the sway of it, dancing with an imaginary friend.

The radio had shifted into Christmas mode with one song after another.

Thanks. Since your radio isn't on, I'm guessing you're off duty.

If the network doesn't work, there's a radio in your greencar.

Ricky Gervais has broken his award-winning streak, failing to scoop a top accolade for his radio show.