Sentence Examples with the word radiate

In shape Milan is a fairly regular polygon, and its focus is the splendid Piazza del Duomo, from which a number of broad modern streets radiate in all directions.

Four principal avenues radiate from points near a central circle to the four corners of the city.

For The Simpler Gases, Which Are Highly Diathermanous And Radiate Badly Even At High Temperature, The Energy Of Vibration Is Probably Very Small, Except Under The Special Conditions Which Produce Luminosity In Flames And Electric Discharges.

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From Si-gan Fu radiate a number of roads going east, south and west.

Each molecule need not radiate with increased energy, but the more brilliant emission of light may be due to the greater number of particles forming similar vibrating systems.

The chief railway centre is Florence, whence radiate lines to Bologna (for Milan and the north), Faenza, Lucca, Pisa and Leghorn, and Arezzo for Rome.

As division proceeds, the filamentous nature of this cytoplasm becomes more prominent and the threads begin either to converge towards the poles of the nucleus, to form a bipolar spindle, or may converge towards, or radiate from, several different points, to form a multipolar spindle.

The;sakis, which form the genus Pithecia, are specially characterized by their long and generally bushy tails, distinct whiskers and beard, and the usually elongated hair on the crown of the head, which may either radiate from a point in the centre, or be divided by a median parting.

The climate of the interior has been found to be of a continental character, with large ranges of temperature, and with an almost permanent anti-cyclonic region over the interior of the inland ice, from which the prevailing winds radiate towards the coasts.

Four large railway systems practically originate in the state and radiate to the S.