Sentence Examples with the word rack

Being all condemned to the rack in order to extort confession, they appealed to the parlement; but this body, being as weak as the subordinate magistrates, sentenced the father to the torture, ordinary and extraordinary, to be broken alive upon the wheel, and then to be burnt to ashes; which decree was carried into execution on the 9th of March 1762.

The light is finally received in a Galilean telescope, containing an analyser and carried at the centre of a circular plate, that is graduated on its rim and can be turned in front of a vernier by means of a rack and pinion.

It followed that when the gun was elevated or depressed, the rack caused the pinion to revolve, and the sight was thus raised or lowered to the proper height to fulfil the conditions given above; but, as Colonel Watkin said, owing to want of level of platform and other causes it was not satisfactory.

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Catholics could not take longer leases than thiry-one years at two-thirds of a rack rent; they were even required to conform within six months of an inheritance accruing, on pain of being ousted by the next Protestant heir.

The hand of Fate had snatched all their souls; and by the stirring perils of the previous day; the rack of the past night's suspense; the fixed, unfearing, blind, reckless way in which their wild craft went plunging towards its flying mark; by all these things, their hearts were bowled along.

It can overspend and rack up public debt and destroy the currency.

But directly he was released from the rack he always withdrew the confessions uttered in the delirium of pain.

Since, however, only relatively low powers are now employed, the ordinary rack and pinion movement for focusing suffices, and for the illuminating the object only a mirror below the stage is required when the object is transparent, and a condensing lens above the stage when opaque.

Josh pulled his truck through the gate and leaped out, grabbing his shotgun from the rack behind the seat.

She placed the dish in the rack and glanced at Katie.