Sentence Examples with the word racing

Being unable to find suitors for the other daughters, Danaus offered them in marriage to the youths of the district who proved themselves victorious in racing contests (Pindar, Pythia, ix.

He patted her leg with another of his friendly smiles and turned his attention to the world racing by them.

On the way back Nicholas drove at a steady pace instead of racing and kept peering by that fantastic all-transforming light into Sonya's face and searching beneath the eyebrows and mustache for his former and his present Sonya from whom he had resolved never to be parted again.

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Determined to find some peace and quiet, Wynn ignored the men racing in different directions through the hallways and went to one of the back stairwells.

Her shaky insides grew warm, her heart racing from fear and his nearness.

The telephone rang and she dropped the hoe, racing for the house.

Which observation sent another spasm of chills racing down Dean's spine.

Her eyes were warm with tears and her heart racing from the unexpected confrontation with the distressed ex-deity who viewed her as expendable less than a week before.

The horses of Vermont have been famous in the development of American racing stocks; the Morgan stock is best known, and other famous Vermont strains are Messenger and Black Hawk.

Anyone who uses the above opening adage with reckless abandon has obviously not noticed the amount of racing games on TV, for instance.