Sentence Examples with the word rabies

It was not, however, till October 1886 that anthrax and rabies were officially declared to be contagious diseases for the purposes of certain sections of the act of 1878.

He was weary of the rabies theologorum, and dreamed that the evangelical leaven, if tolerated, would purify the church's life and doctrine.

It is no less than a cure for the dread disease of hydrophobia in man and of rabies in animals; and the interest of the achievement is not only that he successfully combated one of the most mysterious and most fell diseases to which man is subject, but also that this was accomplished in spite of the fact that the special microbe causing the disease had not been isolated.

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Under the Diseases of Animals Acts 1894 and 1896 weekly returns are issued by the Board of Agriculture of outbreaks of anthrax, foot-and-mouth disease, glanders (including farcy), pleuro-pneumonia, rabies and swine fever in the counties of Great Britain; also monthly returns of outbreaks of sheep-scab.

Or imagine being Pasteur fighting rabies and knowing there must have been a microbe down there but that it was too small to see even with the best microscopes of the day.

I don't want that moment immortalized, the only thing the world ever knows about me, that some sadistic man-whore with rabies bit me on the beach.

Two years later, an anthrax vaccine; the year after that, a rabies vaccine.