Sentence Examples with the word rabble

Saturninus also brought in a bill, the object of which was to gain the support of the rabble by supplying corn at a nominal price.

The murder of a Frenchman, Dr Mauchamp, in March 1907, by the rabble of Marrakesh was the immediate cause of the occupation of Udja by France (see Morocco: History).

Without considering the impossibility of restoring the majesty of ancient Rome, or the absurdity of dignifying the medieval Roman rabble by the name of Populus Romanus, he threw himself with passion into the republican movement, and sacrificed his old friends of the Colonna family to what he judged a patriotic duty.

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Found himself in possession of an army that was well equipped, well clothed, well provisioned, and very different from the rabble of the Thirty Years War, fitted out by dishonest jobbing contractors.

Only we must not form our ideas of the great apocalyptic and chiliastic movement of the first decades of the 16th century from the rabble in Munster.

But there are a rabble of uncertain, fugitive, half-fabulous whales, which, as an American whaleman, I know by reputation, but not personally.

But the relations between a community of freebooters, mostly composed of fugitive serfs and refugees, and a government of small squires who regarded the Cossacks as a mere rabble were bound to be difficult at the best of times, and political and religious differences presently supervened.

Persecution was elevated into a system, a poll-tax was exacted, and the rabble was allowed (notably in 1336-1337) to give full vent to its fury.

Lord Kilwarden, proceeding to a hastily summoned meeting of the privy council, was dragged from his carriage by this rabble and murdered, together with his nephew Richard Wolfe; his daughter who accompanied him being conveyed to safety by Emmet himself.

Colonel Hicks was fully aware of the unfitness of his rabble forces for the contemplated task, and on the 5th of August he telegraphed: I am convinced it would be best to keep the two rivers and province of Sennar, and wait for Kordofan to settle itself.