Sentence Examples with the word rabbi

This Rabbi bore a large part in the fixation of law, and his decisions are frequently quoted.

In November 1832 he went to Wiesbaden as rabbi of the synagogue, and became in 1835 one of the most 1 The words gige, gigen, geic appear suddenly in the M.

But the Hebrew version of Rabbi Joel, made somewhat later, was translated in the 13th century into Latin by John of Capua, a converted Jew, in his Directorium vitae humanae (first published in 1480), and in that form became widely known.

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Scholar, so called from the initials of his full name, RABBI SAMUEL BEN MEIR, was a leading member of the French school of Biblical exegesis.

The opposition, as might be expected, came from the side of the Jews, and was due partly to the controversial use which was made of the version by the S Christians, but chiefly to the fact that it was not suffi- ciently in agreement with the standard Hebrew text estab.- lished by Rabbi Aqiba and his school.

Here lived Rabbi Judah ha k-I adosh, editor of the Mishnah; here was edited the Jerusalem Talmud, and here are the tombs of Rabbi Aqiba and Maimonides.

It was, therefore, during the reign of Antipas, and partly if not wholly within his territory, that the Gospel was first preached by the rabbi or prophet whom Christendom came to regard as the one true Christ, the Messiah of the Jews.

There are remains of a Crusaders' church, and the tomb of the celebrated Maimonides is shown in the town, while Rabbi Agiba and Rabbi Meir lie buried outside.

Superficially the language of apocalypses differs from that of rabbinic decisions, and where the seer takes a comprehensive view of the ages the rabbi legislates for particular cases.

He occupies an important position in the history of the acceptance by medieval Jews of the Kabbala (q.v.); for, though he made no fresh contributions to the philosophy of mysticism, the fact that this famous rabbi was himself a mystic induced a favourable attitude in many who would other- 'wise have rejected mysticism as Maimonides did.