Sentence Examples with the word rétablissement

Rilliet, Le Retablissement du Catholicisme a Geneve it y a deux siecles (Geneva, 1880); P. Vaucher, Luttes de Geneve contre la Savoie, 1517-1530 (Geneva, 1889); Recueil genealogique suisse (Geneve) (2 vols., Geneva, 1902-1907).

His Memoire pour le retablissement n France de l'ordre des freres precheurs was then prepared and dedicated to his country; at the same time he collected the materials for the life of St Dominic. When he returned to France in 1841 he resumed his preaching at Nitre Dame, but he had small success in re-establishing the order of which he ever afterwards called himself monk.

In Bearn, and on this occasion published his first writing, Discours d'un Bearnais, tres fidele sujet du roi, sur l'edit du retablissement de l'exercice de la religion catholique dans tout le Bearn (1618).