Sentence Examples with the word r

Constant use, increased friction (m o r e especially at high speeds), and damage to the rotator will alter an ascertained log error; head or following seas, strong winds, currents and tidal streams also FIG.

The early palaces of Verona, before its conquest by Venice, were of noble and simple design, mostly built of fine red brick, with an inner court, surrounded on the ground floor by open arches like a cloister, as, for example, the Palazzo della Ragione, an assize court, begun in the r 2th century.

ALFRED JULES EMILE FOUILLIEE (1838-), French philosopher, was born at La Poueze on the r 8th of October 1838.

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The rounded form ofy is found with the value of G in R EC E I, which is probably the dative of rex.

Ferdinand was succeeded by his son, Leopold II., who continued his father's policy R of benevolent but somewhat enervating despotism, which produced marked effects on the Tuscan character.

It might, however, be thought that whatever be the compatibility of theories of punishment or of the activity of the state as a moralizing agency with determinism, to reconcile the R denial of freedom with a belief in the reality of remorse or penitence will be plainly impossible.

The objects discovered in its extensive necropolis, where over r 000 tombs have been excavated, are now in the museums of Grosseto and Florence.

Obviously, we may regard C as a tyrosinase and R as a chromogen, or vice versa; and in the case of the white sweetpea crossed with a blue-flowered one, and producing purple offspring, we may imagine that the white flower brought in an additional tyrosinase or a chromogen not present in the blue flower, which, when combined or mixed with the chromogen or tyrosinase for blue, gave purple.

The difference of levels varies from r to as much as 10 in.

Usually they are interpenetration twins with the principal axis as twin-axis; the prism planes of the two individuals coincide, and the faces r and z also fall into the same plane.