Sentence Examples with the word quote

You are right to quote Jefferson, but you chose the wrong quote.

I find it funny you demons spend your days looking for ways to break the Code then dare quote it to me.

When the night arrived, to quote their own words--He laid us on the bed with himself and his wife, they at the one end and we at the other, it being only planks laid a foot from the ground and a thin mat upon them.

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In proof thereof, we may quote the case of an extensive grower in the midland counties - sending fruit to the London market in tons - whose crop of gooseberries increased nearly fourfold after establishing a number of stocks of bees in close proximity to the gooseberry bushes.

It is, therefore, worth while to quote a verification of great exactitude from the work of Stas and J.

When a spinner is required to quote prices of yarn for delivery in the future he is fixed on the horns of a dilemma.

To-day a spinner who is asked to quote for deliveries of yarn for, say, the next six months, may obtain from a broker quotations for deliveries of the cotton that he needs, in quantities as he needs it, for the next six months, and upon these quotations he may base his own for yarn.

Thus in La Petite Fadette, by the happy device of making the hemp dresser the narrator, she speaks (to quote Sainte-Beuve) as though she had on her right the unlettered rustic and on her left a member of the Academie, and made herself the interpreter between the two.

To quote further: Existing floras exhibit only one moment in the history of the earths vegetation.

This incensed Kruger so much that for many years he continued to quote it as a reason why no consideration could be granted to the Uitlanders.