Sentence Examples with the word quince

Linseed, quince seed and marshmallow root yield it in large quantity.

Digging up some of these quince bushes.

Carmen saw Alex's truck parked in the drive of an old vacant house where she had admired some healthy quince bushes.

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The dwarf and pyramid trees, more usually planted in gardens, are obtained by grafting on the quince stock, the Portugal quince being the best; but this stock, from its surface-rooting habit, is most suitable for soils of a cold damp nature.

The French Paradise is the best dwarfing stock for apples, and the quince for pears.

The neighbouring plain is famous for its fruitfulness, and the quince is said to derive its name Cydonia from the town.

The peach, apricot, plum, quince and cherry are also cultivated with success.