Sentence Examples with the word quietness

He often surprised his hearers by the quietness of his beginnings, and these were very often the speeches which turned out most brilliant and most irresistible ere the close.

I should if possible be avoided; therefore quietness and the exer cise of care when manipulating are always recommended by teachers, and practised by those who wisely take their lessons to heart.

Large Blacks are exceedingly docile, and the ears, hanging well forward over the eyes, contribute materially to a quietness of habit which renders them peculiarly adapted to field grazing.

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A period of quietness now set in, and the condition of the kingdom, its education, its agriculture and its trade and manufactures, began to receive earnest attention, while by frugality, both in public and in private matters, King William helped to repair the shattered finances of the country.

But then, in the quietness of the night, he began to hear beyond the door, the muffled but clear sounds of lovemaking.

It was once a flourishing town, but its quietness now is only disturbed by the advent of the numerous tourists who visit it in the summer, crossing hence to the island of Marken.