Sentence Examples with the word quickened

The idea of nationalism pervaded and quickened all his life and works.

The space below the sieve thus formed is connected by means of an outlet tap with a closed tank, and this again communicates with a vacuum pump. By this means the filtration is quickened by the atmospheric pressure, and goes on very rapidly, as also does the subsequent washing.

Even now, her heart quickened and her thoughts raced to the image of him in tight black clothing.

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The agitation, however, on the Catholic question had quickened the sense of the wrongs of Ireland, and the Irish Catholics were engaged ere long in a crusade against tithes and the established church, the most offensive symbols of their inferiority in the state.

These events, which produced much excitement in Greece, quickened the energies of the powers.

Having devoted much time to the study of the Latin writers, historians, orators and poets, and filled his mind with stories of the glories and the power of ancient Rome, he turned his thoughts to the task of restoring his native city to its pristine greatness, his zeal for this work being quickened by the desire to avenge his brother, who had been killed by a noble, a member of the ruling class.

The squadron overtook and passed the infantry and the battery--which had also quickened their pace--rode down a hill, and passing through an empty and deserted village again ascended.

His step quickened down the hall, but he was unable to tell if he were eager or dreading the sight of the woman again.

If the rider were able to draft them, Dean would have trouble matching their pace, so he quickened his.

A widely-spread relaxation of morals, and also, as far as the educated class was concerned, an eagerness for the discussion of all social and religious problems. The fierce excitement of political life had quickened thought, and the most anciently received doctrines were held of little, vorth until they were brought to the test of reason.