Sentence Examples with the word quicken

An attempt to quicken this process by bribery provoked, however, an outburst of feeling against Khuen-Hedervary who, though personally innocent, found his position shaken.

She paused, the unfamiliar sensation a combination of adrenaline that made her blood quicken and electricity that made her skin tingle.

His penetrating gaze gave her a different kind of chill, one that made her blood quicken as well as her step.

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His scent made her heart quicken and her drowsiness dissipate.

And because agriculture is a technology, subject to technological advance, advances in agriculture will quicken and multiply, leading to improved nutrition and decreased hunger and famine.

In the Hephaesteia (the particular festival of the god) there was a torch race, a ceremonial not indeed confined to fire-gods like Hephaestus and Prometheus, but probably in its origin connected with them, whether its object was to purify and quicken the land, or (according to another theory) to transmit a new fire with all possible speed to places where the fire was polluted.

As Frazer notes (Golden Bough, 2 227), this festival appears to belong to the large class of mimetic charms designed to quicken the growth of vegetation; the marriage of Zeus and Hera would in this case represent the union of the king and queen of May.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to quicken the healing of his neck.

He watched her with an intensity that made her blood quicken and her nipples harden.

She felt her blood quicken and her skin flush with awareness and heat.