Sentence Examples with the word quick

Fashions changed in quick succession; upper clases were successively copied by those beneath them and were forced to ensure their dignity by assuming new styles.

After a quick breakfast, she made a list of the items she needed and drove to the tiny town.

Her little hands felt every object and observed every movement of the persons about her, and she was quick to imitate these movements.

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There was grace, nevertheless, in his manners; and his frank and earnest address, his quick sympathy (yet he seemed cold to strangers), his vivacious, desultory, informing talk, gave him an engaging charm.

I telephoned Martha LeBlanc with the intent of a quick thank-you for our prior weekend visit but she was in a mood to chat.

He swept the baby angel into his arms with one quick motion and trotted back into the castle.

He was a man of vast physical energy, of inexhaustible mental activity, of quick passions and violent appetites; vain, restless, greedy of gold and pleasure and fame; unable to stay quiet in one place, and perpetually engaged in quarrels with his compeers.

The door closed behind her and his quick step clipped across the floor.

Putnam gave the rope a quick jerk and his friends pulled him out in great haste.

In warfare carried on in such a country as Greece, sea-girt and with a coast deeply indented, inland without roads and intersected with rugged mountains, victory - as Wellington was quick to observe - must rest with the side that has command of the sea.