Sentence Examples with the word queen

In June she followed the king to England (after distributing all her effects in Edinburgh among her ladies) with the prince and the coffin containing the body of her dead infant, and reached Windsor on the 2nd of July, where amidst other forms of good fortune she entered into the possession of Queen Elizabeth's 6000 dresses.

Early in 1720 Charles XII.'s sister, Ulrica Leonora, who had been elected queen of Sweden immediately after his death, was permitted to abdicate in favour of her hus- Frederick I.

These were referred to the arbitration of Queen Victoria, and, after a careful survey under the direction of Sir Thomas H.

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Lafayette himself came to Paris in the hope of rallying the constitutional party, but the king and queen eluded his offers of assistance.

Von Helfert has attempted the impossible task of whitewashing Queen Carolina in his Konigin Karolina von Neapel and Sicilien (Vienna, 1878), and Maria Karolina von Oesterreich (Vienna, 1884); he has also written a useful life of Fabrizio Ruffo (Italian edit., Florence, 1885); for the Sicilian revolution of 1820 see G.

This root-and-branch policy proved enormously successful, and George Watson's college, Stewart's college, Queen Street ladies' college, George Square ladies' college, Gillespie's school, and others, rapidly took a high place among the educational institutions of the city.

The privy council assembled at Kensington in the morning; and the usual oaths were administered to the queen by Lord Chancellor Cottenham, after which all present did homage.

For a time the emperor's remonstrances had some effect, and after the birth of her daughter, Marie Therese Charlotte (afterwards duchesse d'Angouleme) in December 1778, the queen lived a more quiet life.

When Segar, garter king of arms, wrote in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, this had been accomplished with such completeness that he does not even mention that there were two ways of creating knights bachelors.

It was a favourite residence of Mary Stuart, and its associations with the hapless queen give it a romantic interest.