Sentence Examples with the word quay

Wren proposed to build main thoroughfares north and south, and east and west, to insulate all the churches in conspicuous positions, to form the most public places into large piazzas, to unite the halls of the twelve chief companies into one regular square annexed to Guildhall and to make a fine quay on the bank of the river from Blackfriars to the Tower.

Plague-rats have rarely been found in ships sailing from infected ports; and though millions of these animals must have been carried backwards and forwards from quay to quay betweenHong-Kong, Bombay and the great European ports, they have not brought the disease ashore.

At Bridlington Quay there is excellent sea-bathing, and the parade and ornamental gardens provide pleasant promenades.

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The exchange (Borsen), on the quay to the east, is an ornate gabled building erected in 1619-1640, surmounted by a remarkable spire, formed of four dragons, with their heads directed to the four points of the compass, and their bodies entwining each other till their tai, come to a point at the top. To the south is the arsenal (Tbjhus) with a collection of ancient armour.

Hayes, by James Quay Howard (Cincinnati, 1876);; Life of R.

Above the banks of the Oka and the Volga, and in the centre of a very lively traffic. Piles of salt line the salt wharves on the Oka; farther down are the extensive storehouses and heaps of grain of the corn wharves; then comes the steamboat quay on the Volga, opposite the Kremlin, and still farther east the timber wharves.

Hunter's Quay is the yachting headquarters, the Royal Clyde Yacht Club's house adjoining the pier.

On the Oude Gracht the roadway and quay are on different levels, the roadway lying over vaults, which open on the quay wall and are used as cellars and poor dwelling-houses.

The Circular Quay at the head of Sydney Cove is 1300 ft.

A tablet on the quay commemorates the landing of Bernadotte after his election as successor to the throne in 1810.